Member of Association of Illustrators, the UK
2021-2022 MA Illustration
Edinburgh College of Art,
The University of Edinburgh

Chevening Scholarship

London International Creative Competition

Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange

Hello 你好 Hej こんにちはPhotograph by Wendy Zhong
I am Xiaoyi

Pronounced as ‘Hsiao-ii’ :)

Thank you for stumbling upon my website!

I am an illustrator. I like to communicate with my audience with visual storytelling.

I take illustration both as a means for self-expression and reflecting the world I am living. I am immersed in my dreams and concerned about subject on wellbeing. My recent theme focuses on the multi-sensory experience of blind people, where I seek to bring a more inclusive perspective to my audience.

I am keen to collaborate with humanitarian/charity organisations on a creative project.

Feel free to contact me for a project or for licensing of my existed works :)

︎ xiaoyihuart@gmail.com
Wechat: 33136057

Photograph by Wendy Zhong
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