This was an illustration and handcraft project started as a hobby inspired by two adorable cats of a close friend that I regularly spent time with. 

In this collection, I tried to just limited to a few risograph colors in each drawing.  The vibrant eye-catching riso colors has a natural uplifting quality in itself, like pets often do to us.

The following two works in this collection have won the first and second place in 2024 Design Award hosted by the Japanese handkerchief brand CLASSICS the Small Luxury.

        A Risograph Print of Spring Joy in Blue and Red
A Risograph Print of Spring Joy in Blue and Red

More of Pet Persona Collection

These drawings were also developed into  a series of greeting cards.

The Pet Persona - Ukiyoe  in the following  is my tribute to the Ukiyoe art, the very influential genre in the art history that has impacted the western impressionism and Japanese manga.  I tried to mix the Pet Persona style here with the Ukiyoe style. The effect turned out surprisingly quaint and quirky.
Pet Persona- Ukiyoe

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